Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Weekend Mini-Retreat

Pierre is away with the Boy Scouts so I had a few friends over for a weekend of sewing and fun. Most lived close enough to go home to sleep, but one brave soul stayed the night as well!

We got a lot accomplished and had a terrific time, too! And we learned a new card game, Shanghai Rummy, on Saturday night.

Here is the start of Dorothy's (blue and purple) and Thelma's (orange) Tumbling Blocks baby quilts.

And this is how far they got over the weekend.
Dorothy's is on the left, Thelma's in the middle and Veronica's art version of Tumbling Blocks is on the right.
Marlys worked on adding borders to her One Block Wonder quilt. Here it is before the final border.

Me? I was green with envy at the beautiful quilts they are producing. I was hand sewing the binding to 3 sample size jackets for my new jacket pattern, Versa. Ultimately boring work, but much more enjoyable with others to chat with. I also drafted the back of a new jacket and selected fabrics for it.

I definitely recommend quilting retreats to everyone and if you don't have the time or the money to go on an organized retreat, have one at home with a few friends.



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