Sunday, March 04, 2012

March Snowmen

Veronica's snowman by me
I was inspired by the 3-D quilt that Thelma added in February so I made a kite stuck in a tree. Since all of her blocks included writing I added "The luck of the Irish" and the bird is carrying a shamrock in its beak.

Thelma's snowman by DorothyDorothy also chose to make a kite and dressed her snowman in a shamrock adorned hat.

Pat's snowman by VeronicaVeronica also chose to use a St. Patrick's Day theme and a wonderfully roly-poly snowman

Marlys' snowman by ThelmaThelma made a snowman flying a shamrock kite, carrying a sign AND continued the theme of skinny trees

My snowman by PatPat was totally unconventional with a lamppost-leaning drunk-on-green-beer snowman and added a triangle tree, harking back to my January tree. And instead of a kite she included a flag that says "Kiss me, I'm Irish".

Dorothy's snowman by MarlysMarlys made a happy snowman with a birdhouse for all the birds we've been seeing on Dorothy's blocks.

I hope you enjoy seeing these blocks as much as we have enjoyed making them and sharing them with each other. Soon the real fun will begin because what do you do with a snowman in the summer?



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