Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Guild Program Idea

Pele's Fire
Is your guild looking for a different sort of program? Something new and exciting? I present fashion shows of over 40 of my jackets to quilt guilds, sewing groups and women's groups. I came to wearable art from a background of quilting so my designs are often based on quilting techniques and use fabrics that quilters are familiar with: COTTON with the very occasional lamé, dupioni silk or polyester thrown in for variety.

Wearable art is the next great thing! Let your guild be on the cutting edge. Be inspired by the wide variety of techniques in my very wearable (not show pieces that are never meant to be worn) jackets.

Contact your program chair and let them know you want to see my ever changing collection of jackets at your guild in the near future. Check out my website



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