Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Snowmen Project: January

I am unable to attend the quilting group I used to attend so a few of the ladies were kind enough to join me for a block swap. Each month we each work on a different person's quilt, making a snowman themed for that month. We each made our own January snowmen to set the tone.
Thelma's block, not quite done. She has added mittens and a face since our meeting.

Veronica has also changed her block since the meeting, removing the border.

Pat's snowman is celebrating the new year.

Dorothy's snowman is enjoying a visit from a friendly cardinal. (I'm working on this quilt for February.)

Marlys' snowman with a very appropriate sign.

And my snowman about to crash into a tree while "enjoying" a winter sport. Okay, we can see who has the warped sense of humor in this group!



Blogger Karen said...

I enjoyed seeing all the snowmen. A good idea for a block swap.

7:34 PM  

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