Saturday, January 21, 2012


I will be presenting a fashion show on Friday morning, January 27 to the Citrus Belt Quilters in Redlands, California. Stop by and say hi if you're in the area!

For every fashion show I try to have something new (I never do the same show twice) and this is one of the new jackets I will be showing in Redlands. As you can probably tell, my work lately has been influenced by the Modern Quilt movement: simple minimalist designs, bright multi-colored fabrics paired with solid fabrics.

I call this one Tipsy since it looks like blocks about to topple over. And I think maybe I was a bit tipsy, too, when I took the obviously crooked photo!

Here is the lining. I achieved the multicolored look by stenciling gold first, then stamping, over the stencil, in blue and red.

I went to Road to California on Thursday and was very pleased to see more people than ever wearing fabulous wearable art jackets! I was disappointed that the show did away with the wearable art competition, but there was plenty to see on the backs of people all around me. I hope you get a chance to attend this year as the quilts are out of this world!



Blogger Judee said...

I just had the pleasure of seeing you and your fabulous art this morning in Redlands. Thank you for the inspiration today.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Cyndi said...

I, too, was there at the CBQ meeting. I was blown away by the lovely jackets and your talent! Thanks so much for coming to our guild!

6:17 PM  

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