Friday, April 14, 2006

Kissing Fish

Here is another of my early Granny Nanny vests. I paper pieced all these fish using Granny Nanny paper foundations and someone else's hand dyed fabrics (I wasn't dyeing my own yet). Then I set the fish with watery batik squares cut on the bias (who knew that was hard?!). The fish travel in different directions and one pair meet to kiss on the front of the vest. Think Romeo and Juliet, LOL. I added small black beads for eyes and I couched a green satin ribbon on for seaweed. Unfortunately I've worn this vest so often that the inexpensive ribbon I used is getting frayed. It's still one of my favorite early pieces and it still makes me smile.

On a side note, you never know what's around the next corner. Last night I was on my way from a band festival for my kids (All 5 of our high school's ensembles earned a unanimous superior, the highest rating! Go Mt Carmel!) to a quilting class when I was rear ended at a stop light. My brand new Honda Accord (well it's only 2 months old so it still seems new to me) has a big dent in the back now. Fortunately I'm fine and so is the other driver, a very polite and apologetic teenaged boy. Now to deal with getting it repaired, sigh. Oh well, I still made it to class in time and had fun :-) Quilters are the nicest people.


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