Saturday, December 27, 2008

Final Bahrain pictures

Here are the last of my pictures of Bahrain.

This sign is in my husband's apartment building. Bahrainis speak English very well so I'm guessing the sign was made by one of the third world workers. Definitely not quite the way we'd say it, but I think you can guess what they meant.

Here is a picture of a dhow, one of the flat bottomed boats they use for fishing. The waters in the area are very shallow so they must have boats that can navigate there. This boat was high and dry and for show purposes only near the Pearl roundabout.

This is one of the interesting buildings I saw on the north shore. The reliefs are somewhat Egyptian looking.

This is the gate to that building and doesn't look Egyptian at all to me, but I loved the lions.

This is a closeup of the relief designs on the archway leading to the building. Don't you just want to do some crayon rubbings of them?

And finally this is the archway on the other side of the building taken from a distance. I'm not sure what the split at the top of the archway signifies.

I hope you enjoyed the brief tour of Bahrain. In my next post I hope to talk about some of my plans for the new year.
Enjoy the rest of the holidays,


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