Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Odds and Ends

It's probably hard to believe, but despite the fact that I often narrate fashion shows of my own jackets I've never been to a real live honest-to-goodness runway style fashion show. Well I'm going to one tonight and I can't wait! Detailed report tomorrow :-)

As for a progress report on the Rhap jacket quilting I have both sleeves and both fronts quilted. Just the back to go. Of course that's the biggest part, but I hope to finish it tomorrow or Thursday. How are you feeling about the name Rhap Jacket? I'm not enamored of it so if anyone else has any great ideas...

And finally... I finished a jacket today, stencilled lining, label, photos and everything! I absolutely love love love this jacket! Unfortunately I have big plans for this jacket so no pictures here. If you really want to see it I will have it in my fashion show April 15 in Lemon Grove...



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