Saturday, June 27, 2009

Discharge Fun

When the Rhap Group was here on Monday we experimented with bleach and cleaners containing bleach. Here are a couple of my pieces from that day.

Originally these were both Kona solid black. On this piece I pole wrapped it on the diagonal, scrunched it up and tied it in place with thread (I couldn't find any string). I painted Soft Scrub on the uppermost folds. When it had visibly changed color I slipped it off the end of the pole and dunked it in water to stop the action. We had several water buckets set up to keep dunking it in cleaner and cleaner water. Then we rinsed it in vinegar and water followed by clean water. The last step for me was a wash in the washing machine using Synthropol.

The flower was one of those rubbing plates. Jan got the brilliant idea to paint the Soft Scrub on with a foam brush, then we pressed it onto the fabric. Cool, huh? I put a little too much Soft Scrub so mine is messier than hers. Definitely a learning curve.
And before you write to tell me about Anti-Chlor, I know, I'm going to order some in my next Dharma order, just didn't have any on hand. That said I have pieces I did in 1997 with the same products we used this time and they are still fine, no holes.
I highly recommend play day. Get out some cleaning products and some solid-ish fabrics, set up a workstation or two outside, invite your friends and have at it!



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