Monday, June 08, 2009

More Playtime with Sharpies

I'm not sure why this Sharpie thing is so appealing. Perhaps it's because I get to go back the childhood joy of coloring? Maybe it's just because the table is set up in front of the tv so it gives me something to do while I watch.

I played with polka dots. These were especially interesting how the different colors ran. On the piece on the left, if you look at the upper right you will notice a small green dot surrounded by a yellow green circle. That was because the yellow ran while the rest of the green did not. The purple reacted similarly. The pieces on the right are the plain pieces of fabric I put underneath when I added the alcohol. The polka dots one was boring but check out the pansy! I like that one better than the original!
And the daisy-like flower. The one problem I had was that the underneath fabric wasn't in perfect contact with the upper piece. I'm working on grass and it's not a firm surface. I don't want to stain my patio or anything inside the house. And the foam core board I used the first time took so much color I'm afraid it will color anything new I put on top. Perhaps plastic...

My next experiment will be hanging the fabric and pouring the alcohol down it like Robbi Joy Eklow does with her dyes. I want to try stripes but differ the angles they're hung at to see if I really get different designs. How much is the color really moving?


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