Sunday, June 07, 2009

More Sharpie Experiments

After letting my Sharpie/treated with alcohol fabric set for a few days I heat set it with an iron. (note of caution: for some reason the yellow transferred itself to my ironing board cover which, fortunately, was just a piece of muslin, and no I didn't use steam.) Then I tore the piece in half and washed one half. The results are below. The one on the left was washed and the one on the right was not.

I think you'll agree that there was some color loss. Enough that I wouldn't recommend washing. That said I think that most of us do not wash our art quilts and I do not wash my jackets. I will have to try a dry cleaning experiment one of these days just to see what happens. Unless someone out there in cyberspace has already tried it?

I decided to make a color chart of each color Sharpie that I own. I wrote the names with a Micron pigma pen. Then I clothespinned it sideways to a line in my backyard and dripped alcohol on each color with an eyedropper. It was interesting to see which colors ran the most (there were definitely differences!) and which ones separated out into 2 or more colors. Another interesting note was that occasionally the alcohol ran into the pigma pen words and they did NOT run.
I've been playing around for an idea for a background on a small wall quilt and this was my first attempt. I wasn't happy with it because the values were too different. There was too much light and I wanted it to read "smoother".

So I tried again with just dark colors and am much happier now. This sort of work is great while watching those mindless tv shows that seem to be in abundance this summer. I can't wait until Project Runway starts again: August 20!

Another experiment will take quite a bit more time. I have the first washed and unwashed pieces pinned to the wall in my studio. They are not in direct light, but there's plenty of ambient light in the room. I have matched the colors to the best of my ability to some embroidery floss and will check the colors for fading in September. Remind me, 'kay?


Blogger Jo Rice said...

Great colors. thanks for sharing. I didn't have ayellow marker , however I had a lot of yellow which bleeded out of the green and lime green. It darkened the green. Really a nice effect.
Jo rice

2:41 PM  

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