Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Studio

It's certainly not clean, but it's probably better than it will be for awhile so here are current pictures of my new studio space.

I have a problem with filling flat spaces with stuff I've made, don't want to throw out, but haven't found a use for yet. Instead I have devised a "detritus wall" to keep it visible, accessible, but off the flat surfaces. Some of it is jewelry that I plan to use as inspiration for new jackets. Other pieces are left from classes I've taken or experiments I've made.

My sweet husband came up with this clever way to store my fabric. The racks roll around so I can move them as needed. It sure beats crawling under various beds in search of that perfect fabric!
I'm embarrassed to say that it took 3 of these racks to store my fabrics. I'm hoping to pare that down some, but there always seems to be some wonderful new fabric calling my name.

My design wall, built by Pierre.

The view of my studio from the top of the stairs.

And finally, my sewing space. I wanted it to be near the stairs so I'm not looking at a wall.
You may have noticed that there are 2 windows in my south facing studio so I keep the shades drawn at all times to avoid sun damage. There are 2 skylights also with similar shades. They are translucent enough to let some light in without any direct sunlight. Not a perfect solution, but better than feeling like a mushroom!
That's all for now. As I work I'm sure I'll find other things that need tweaking, but all-in-all I'm very happy with my new studio :-)


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