Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holes Again

I felt like the first Holes quiltlet was too literal so I decided to make another. For the fabric I chose a piece I had dyed, overdyed and discharged a tiny bit too much. (All right, it had a few actual holes in it already...)

I quilted it using a multicolored thread in a radial design, changing quilting patterns every so often. To mark where the changes should take place I used a sliver of soap, a trick I learned from Melody Johnson.

Once the quilting was complete I cut a hole in the center area. Then using my son as my assistant we carefully singed the edges of the hole.

I like this one much better and it feels more like an art quilt to me. I plan to put 2 or 3 curtain rings on the back and hang it in the house. On to weaving next!



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