Monday, April 04, 2011

My Design Wall

I thought you might be interested in seeing what is on my main design wall.I will be the first to admit that I use part of it as a place to put things where I can find them again easily. The paper jacket patterns are embroidery designs I drafted for a loooong term work-in-progress. I expect it to take several years at least. The green jacket parts are slowly being painted. If I paint too many at once I tend to get sloppy so I'm taking my time. By putting them on the wall I'm keeping them somewhat wrinkle free AND, most importantly, cat hair free. The four resident cats seem to feel it's their duty to recline on every new scrap of fabric or garment in the house.
On the other half of the design wall you can see one of the Whisper Quilts at the top. I really like this one and am keeping it out as inspiration. Below that is the start of a Square Dance that is being team taught by Barb and Kathy in our Wednesday class. To the right of that are more drafted jacket designs, left over scratch paper, freezer paper etc. (I can't bear to throw out big pieces of paper!), some leftover curves from a green jacket I made last fall (hey, wouldn't it be cool to save all those leftovers and make a scrappy jacket?) and some commercial sashiko kits I bought for when I have nothing else to do, LOL.

How about your design wall? What is on it today?



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