Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oops! I was supposed to post something on Friday, but instead I had food poisoning. I haven't had it in quite awhile and it was a mild case, but it took me most of the weekend to get feeling up to snuff again.

Yesterday was my 50th birthday! Who woulda thought I'd make it this far. Every year is even better than the last so I'm not complaining. Wendy took me to lunch and out for a pedicure. Then we checked out a new quilt store's opening day. I came home to have dinner with Jake and Elisia followed by a homemade cake by Jake. Elisia told me all about her first day at band camp which sounded like fun, but exhausting. Pierre is due back tonight :-) He always seems to manage to be away for my birthday, but I guess that's partly my fault for being born in August!

This is the final week of classes for the summer semester. We'll be doing mega-sharing and a quick lesson on the art quilt (see the Tree quilt below). Bring everything you've made over the summer and your camera! No tracing supplies needed.

Fall semester starts Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, September 11, 12, 13 at the usual locations and times: Quilter's Paradise Tuesdays 1-4, Mt Carmel High School Tuesdays 6-9, Bits and Pieces Wednesdays 1-4, Mt Carmel High School 6-9, OASIS at North County Fair Thursdays 1-4, Poway Senior Center Thursdays 6-9. Hope to see you there.

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