Saturday, July 07, 2007


This week in class I taught how to do the basic redwork stitch. All of the classes except the Wednesday classes, of course since they were cancelled because of the holiday. I'll catch them up next week with a double lesson.

It was gratifying to see how many students are off to a great start on the HIdden Wells quilt. There were LOTS of triangles in all sorts of colors and styles of fabrics! We had a lot of fun playing with them in class trying out a variety of designs.

Next week is Twinkling Stars and after that all classes will be covering the same material which will be a real relief! It's hard to keep track of what I'm teaching in each class :-)

I have one question for all you trivia buffs: if I did my redwork using purple thread is it still called redwork? Or is it purplework ;-)



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