Thursday, May 10, 2007

This week is "By Request" week so Wendy and I are doing plenty of demos in class, but I have nothing in particular to show. The class has really seemed to enjoy us going over the basics of how to finish up a quilt and I think they actually like the fact that there's no project since we've been giving them something new every week since January!

Meanwhile I am working diligently on the summer projects, but won't unveil them until the first day of class. I am trying to create a wide variety of projects so there will be something for everyone. I have a handwork project in process. I've finished a traditional quilt and have a quilt top done using a modern version of a traditional quilt. Then I have a funky machine applique piece that may or may not make it into the class schedule. I have 2 more designs all drafted and the fabrics selected, but haven't even started on them. I have about 6 other ideas that I wanted to do as well, but obviously they will have to wait until another semester.

For now I'm just making things and I'll decide closer to the start of the summer semester which ones to use.

I also have a "Libby Lehman" jacket in process from the Ricky Timms Super Seminar I attended in February. The design work is all done and most of the sewing is done as well, just a little more... Then all I need to do is cut it out and assemble the jacket!

I have a quilt designed using the same technique, too. I want to add more quilts-using-the-same-techniques-as-my-jackets to the fashion show. I can see how to use quilt techniques to make jackets, but not everyone can see how to do that in reverse so the quilts will help. I have 4 now, but hope to have several more by the time I present the show again in January. (I have no bookings for the rest of 2007, too sad, but quite a few for 2008! If you're in the San Diego area and have a last minute cancellation call me :-) I can be ready with only a few hours notice.)

So that's what I've been up to. Lots going on at my house lately, too. Jake has been working a lot at his job and he is set to graduate from high school in June. Elisia was asked to the prom :-) Pierre is being very tolerant of all my mess with so many projects going at once, but I'm starting to feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions at once. Time to start concentrating on one project at a time and finish things!


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