Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fashion Show and Fused Window

Still no joy in the website saga. I need to bite the bullet and call these people and explain that I don't know what the heck they're talking about so I can't change it! Either that or just choose another website name :-(

Tonight I'm the speaker at Legacy quilt guild in Santee. It should be fun! I have 40 jackets and coats all packed and ready to go. Elisia will be accompanying me to both model a few of the smaller pieces (including my Bernina ensemble) and run the back room. A tough job for a 16-year old, but she's done it before.

I have a new system to help out the models: color coordinated hangers! They're each assigned a hanger color so they can tell what they're wearing and count how many hangers before they need to be back out in a new jacket. Because of a variety of styles and sizes the show doesn't have the models in the same order all the way through and it can get a bit confusing. After I speak about a jacket the models walk through the audience and they are free to stop, pose for pictures or let people get a real closeup look. When a jacket gets a lot of attention from the crowd it can slow things down. I like to keep the show fast paced; after all I need to get 40 jackets out in 60 minutes or less!

I teach at Palomar again next week. Wendy has been doing the spring row quilt so I've had a bit of a break. Next week is a design day when people get to design their own window to fuse in place over a scenic fabric like the one below. Fun quick and easy! If you're in the class don't forget paper, pencil, eraser and window inspirations :-)


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