Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break!

It's Spring Break for those of us teaching at Palomar so I've been working hard on several things.

I've decided not to dye fabric any more so I'm using up what's left of my dyes and PFD fabric, chemicals, etc. I've been dyeing 10+ pieces a day after the kids have gone to school. Low water immersion dyeing itself doesn't take that much work, but the wait time is such that I need to be around most of the day. Today I'm going to try to get a run of grey which is a hard color for me to use because there are so many different greys. I hope this will encourage me.

Summer semester suddenly seems closer, too, so I've been thinking about what to teach. The semester is shorter so I don't need as many projects, but it would be nice to have finished samples!

Also I found out recently that there won't be any Palomar classes at the high school near me. That's where 2 out of 6 of our classes are held. It's very convenient, being only 1 mile from my house. Instead they will be offering those classes at a middle school in Poway which is 25 minutes away. We already have a class in Poway so that doesn't make sense to me. So there are decisions to be made.

A third thing I'm working on is deciding what to put on my website. I hope to make decisions in the next few days.

And finally I've been getting excited about our retreat this weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week Wendy and I will be in Temecula having the time of our lives. Now where did I put that packing list from last year?!


Anonymous Felicia said...

Enjoy your spring break!

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