Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Busy Week!

Here is my demo sample from last week's class made into a notebook cover. I really am doing well keeping up with the projects. I even finished another name tag yeaterday! Just one more of those to go :-)Well this week is a darned busy week! not only do we have the usual classes (well, we cancelled the Tuesday night class this week, but we still have the other 5 classes), but Wendy is doing 2 guild lectures (Seaside and El Camino) and a workshop. I help with the lectures (moving suitcases, holding quilts, handing her props, etc), but she's on her own for the workshops since I'll be teaching the Palomar class. I'm all worn out and it's only Wednesday morning!

Her lecture last night at Seaside was very well received. She's a great speaker and has lots of quilts: everything from her antique quilts to her modern day quick-and-easy quilts that she developed for the Prayer Quilt ministry at her church. And she has a great talk called Scrap Management. She tames her scraps into useable, organized pieces. Me? I just give them away, LOL!

This week at our Palomar classes we're teaching an attic window variation Wendy calls columns. I made 2 because I wasn't happy with the first one I made and we kept changing the technique. Wendy is a real stickler for finding the best, easiest method of making something and she worked really hard on this one. The quilts are packed away in my car right now or I'd snap a couple of pictures. I'll try to get some later in the day, if I'm still awake ;-)


Blogger Selwyn, The Crafty Engineer said...

I'm loving the high tech tucks!
(BTW, Hard for me to believe Jake is already 18!)

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