Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Trunk Show Recap

I'm afraid I didn't get much sewing done yesterday, just the prep work for the stained glass class today. I was too nervous to do any real creating with the trunk show looming. It wasn't my first trunk show, LOL, but you'd think it was from the way I felt. Canyon is the largest guild I know of in the San Diego area and there are quite a few Big Names in the guild. Yikes!

Wendy, Elisia and I went to dinner at Applebee's. As soon as we arrived in the parking lot I realized I'd forgotten my notes! I had the jackets and the racks, but no notes! Argh! I called Jake and he ran them down to us and then joined us for dinner which turned out to be really nice.

Wendy inadvertantly helped relax me, by fiddling with her old umbrella. The end of the handle shot off across the room, barely missing Elisia's nose! We were roaring with laughter (the other patrons probably thought we had been celebrating too much) and it really helped me calm down.

We arrived at the guild meeting way too early. It's a family trait to always be early and I didn't want to stress about being late, LOL. The rain had stopped, thank goodness, so we loaded the jackets onto the racks and headed in. The new rack Pierre bought me for Christmas works great! Now I just need another one to replace the other old rack.

My talk went extremely well! Everyone laughed in all the right places and they laughed a lot! There were questions throughout my talk, which I really like, and then more questions at the end. I encourage questions because it shows they're interested in what I do. I know that wearable art isn't for everyone, but I feel that my jackets are very wearable AND have a lot to teach that can be applied to quilts: color choices, design, embellishment techniques, etc. They applauded for Soleil Ole', my Bernina Fashion Show enesmble from 2004 and one woman said the finale piece (no Soleil Ole' is NOT the finale!) was the best she'd ever seen! And she's a Fairfield/Bernina Fashion Show designer :-)

Many people came up afterwards and complimented me on the show and the jackets. One woman really wanted to buy my Jacobean Flowers coat, but I simply don't sell my work.

I'm still walking on air this morning :-) I hope this brings many more guild trunk shows because I have a blast doing them. Who would have guessed that this would be so much fun!



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Congratulations Lisa! It sounds like it was a wonderful show. Jen

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