Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is it about teenagers that makes them never happy? I just finished dyeing my daughter's blonde hair to a darkish shade of brown. I hope she likes it, but if not it will wash out in a month or so (we hope).

Class last night was a blast. The Wednesday night crowd is a wild bunch of women :-) so there was a lot of good-natured bantering as well as lots of laughter. We also had a lot of sharing, especially since we have included sharing of blocks to discuss sashing options, or assembled blocks to discuss border options, or tops to discuss binding and quilting options. Even if Wendy or I don't have the definitive answer, everyone seems to enjoy giving their opinion and that often results in some terrific ideas!

I am getting absolutely no sewing done this week since both kids are home for February break, but I keep reminding myself that Jake will be gone next year and Elisia the following year, so I want to enjoy them as much as possible while they're still here. I'm sure empty nest will hit me hard, especially when Pierre is out to sea, but teaching and designing are occupying more and more of my time so I hope that will get me through the worst of it.



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