Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Jake!

Today is Jake's 18th birthday so I'm posting a collage of pictures of him (in no particular order) over the years. He has certainly changed a great deal! He has grown from a sweet kid to a caring young man and we are very proud of him. We may not always agree with his decisions, but we're glad that he makes up his own mind and chooses his own path. Happy Birthday Jake and many more! Jake in leather (17 years old)
Jake warming up for a concert (15 years old)

Jake in uniform preparing for his first field show (14 years old)

Jake at band camp last summer (17 years old)

Jake on his way to middle school (about 12 years old)
Jake at "Hawaiian night" (15 years old)
Jake dressed up for colonial days (5th grade)


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