Thursday, March 08, 2007

Academic League

It's a really busy week, but I'm getting through it okay. I taught both classes yesterday since Wendy was teaching a guild workshop during the day and I knew she'd be exhausted after that. She has another guild lecture this morning so I'm taking the Thursday afternoon class also, but I'm hoping she can take the evening class tonight.

Both my kids particpate in Academic League at our high school. It's like the old College Bowl TV show where they read a question and the first person who rings in has 5 seconds to answer. If they get it correct their team gets to answer a 3-5 part bonus question. Jake is on the varsity team and Elisia is on the junior varsity. Our school teams are doing well, only one loss so far.

Jake is a wizard at the math stuff. As soon as the equation or whatever is read he rings in and figures it in his head in those 5 seconds. He's amazing! And Elisia is one of the captains. She's so calm and cool while everyone on the team is shouting conflicting answers at her. Also she has to ring in if the other team misses if no one else on the team knows the answer. This leads to some inventive and funny answers!

Tonight is the big match against Westview, the other school in our town and the one my kids were supposed to attend. We opted to go to Mt Carmel instead because it's closer and Westview was just opening so it didn't have established programs. I hope that I can go and Wendy can cover the class for me. I haven't seen Elisia play a full match all season. Wish us luck!


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