Monday, July 09, 2007

Twinkling Stars

Here is the quilt I'll be teaching this week. I love 3-dimensional techniques and this quilt has 3-d star points. It's the largest quilt this semester, a lap size quilt, but with just a few more rows or a border it could be a twin sized quilt.

All is going well at home. Elisia is back from Boston where she had a great time, but I think she'll stay a California girl at heart no matter where she goes. Jake has his last day of work today and then has surgery on Wednesday. It's a simple procedure so I'll try not to worry too much. Maybe he'll even let me post a picture of him on here after the surgery :-)

We're going to an advanced screening of Harry Potter tonight on the base. I know the theater will be packed so I hope we get there early enough to get good seats (or any seats!).



Blogger Libby said...

Ooooh I wish I was close enough to take that class...I love that quilt!

3:16 PM  

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