Friday, July 13, 2007

Diamonds and Jake Update

Here is the color picture I promised of the string pieced diamonds quilt that I'll be teaching next week. I apoligize because the colors are a bit off. They're really brighter and more intense than the picture shows. All you need to bring to class is a non-directional focus fabric (if you're buying it you need 1-1/2 yards). The flowers (or whatever) should not be tiny or large, just medium sized. It does not have to be a floral, but mine is. Try not to get anything with too much empty space between the motifs. Here is my son the evening after the surgery. Doesn't he just look too pitiful? I wish they'd put the bandage on better since he can barely see out of one eye. All that should be fixed today though since he has a follow-up appointment.

I'm teaching a curvy bias jacket class this Saturday at Memory Lane in Santee. Should be fun!


Blogger Selwyn, The Crafty Engineer said...

Lisa-Love those diamonds! Gorgeous colors!!
For a "simple procedure"...Jake certainly had a BIG bandage! Hope he is doing well!

1:55 PM  

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