Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Setting Goals

Before I make my goals for 2009 I like to look back on the previous year's goals to see what was realistic and what wasn't.

In 2008 my goals were
1. Lose weight (I lost 21 pounds, not earth-shattering, but a start)
2. Become a better teacher (I taught 5 community college classes per week for more than half the year as well as more shop classes than usual)
3. Promote my quilt guild fashion shows more (I spoke at the So Cal meet the teacher and sent out postcards resulting in more bookings in the future)
4. Attend Houston show to finally see my Bernina Fashion Show ensemble (Third time I had an ensemble in the show, but the first time I attended. Wow! There's nothing like actually being there!)
5. Go to the gym 5 days a week (I was doing okay with this one until the last 2 months, guess that will be an ongoing goal)

I've been feeling down lately. My community college classes were curtailed due to budget cutbacks and my husband is stationed in the Middle East for a year while my youngest headed off to college leaving me with empty nest. Reading this list of accomplishments makes me feel better. I think we need to remind ourselves what we've done RIGHT every now and then.

My goals for the new year:
1. Continue losing weight and living a healthier life style (this has definitely slipped over the holidays)
2. Take a college class on pattern design (I have over 70 jackets using just a few patterns. Isn't it time for a change?)
3. Work through some of the wonderful books I've acquired this year (It isn't enough to just read them. I need to use them!)
4. Take more pictures and learn Photoshop or other photo editing software
5. Work up a book proposal (I have an idea, but somehow I'd rather be creating new art than writing. Must be one of those right brain/left brain things)

Now that I've listed my goals in public I'm more likely to accomplish them. How about you? Did you accomplish most of what you wanted in 2008? Does it affect what you plan for 2009?



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