Friday, January 09, 2009


Thanks to everyone who made last night's fashion show a big success. Even if you're "just" part of the audience it makes a big difference what your attitude is. There were some great questions and lots of oohs and aahs which always inspires me to make more jackets!

I wanted to talk a little today about my list of goals and how I plan to accomplish them. I am a born procrastinator. If I put something off it's not likely to get done. Ever. The good news is that I realize this about myself and I do my best NOT to put things off (although I have to admit I don't always do my best about getting to the dentist...). I try to keep my objectives firmly in mind and to at least take baby steps towards them even if it seems insignificant.

I am a list maker. I've come to realize that at this point in my life, with so many different things going on seemingly at once, that if I don't write them down I am likely to forget.

Lists are important to me and I truly enjoy being able to cross things off the list every day. Because of that I tend to break things down into smaller portions so I can cross more things off! It may sound silly, but I'm more likely to clean one bathroom or vacuum just the downstairs than to get them all done at once. In the same way I tend to write things like finish jacket back, a much more doable task than finish the whole jacket. And a list with lots of things crossed off makes me happier which means I'm more likely to get more things done! It's a great feedback loop.

I can now cross off blogging on today's list!
See you soon,

P.S. My daughter forgot her dress shoes last night for the show. She was wearing neon green Converse sneakers! No big deal for most of the jackets since they're meant to be worn casually, but the sneakers did look a tad strange with the Bernina ensembles!


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