Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Escondido Fashion Week Recycled Show

The fashion show last night was amazing. The theme was recycling and the ensembles were made from items as varied as plastic shopping bags, aluminum foil, shower curtains, paper of various types and old umbrellas.

It was a lot of fun to watch each outfit come down the runway and try to figure out what it was made from. A friend of mine had a dress made from a horse's feedsack! Too much fun! I totally agreed with the winner, a really cute dress and bloomers made from punctured beach balls leftover from a children's museum.

That said, the show wasn't anything like what I put on for a show. I talk about each ensemble, how I made it, where I got my inspirations, problems and solutions, etc. There was no narration at the recycled show, just music, nor was there a program that I received (okay, I was in the cheap seats, but I had a great view!) so I could only guess what the outfits were recycling.

Another difference is that each ensemble came down a runway at the show (much too quickly for my liking) and then left. In my show the models stand up front as I talk, then circulate through the audience so they get a really good view.

Oh, and I answer questions. They asked for questions last night, but not until it was almost over and how do you describe unnamed dresses to even ask the question?

It was great fun, just totally different from my show. I don't think I'll be changing anything, but it was certainly fun to attend. I highly recommend it for next year if you're in the area. I even have an idea for a dress for next year. If I start saving now I might have enough to make a dress by next April!



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