Monday, June 29, 2009

Discharged Stars

Jan's husband was cutting out plexiglas shapes so I asked if he could make something besides circles and squares. He made these fabulous wonky stars!

The fabric on the right is Kona black, but the fabric on the left is a multicolored commercial print. All pieces were accordion folded and clamped on both sides with the wonky stars. I was careful to line up the same points of the non-symmetrical stars. I only clamped them in two places and there was quite a bit of discharge creep (that's a fancy new technical term I just made up) underneath so next time I would put a clamp on each star point. Then they were dunked in the 50/50 water and bleach bucket for a few minutes.

Here is a closeup showing the interesting variety of colors that occurred in a halo effect around each star. Cool, huh?


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