Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Even More Gelatin Prints

Here are some of the gelatin monoprints from my second attempt. I printed these on a hand dyed fabric that was too blah for use, but I really like how it looks with the turquoise paints. I used variations of light turquoise, medium turquoise and dark blue.

In this first set you can see the positive and negative images you get. I used coreopsis leaves and allowed them to soften overnight before printing with them

In other prints I used morning glory leaves again. The leaf veining shows up exceptionally well on these.

Another pair is made using geranium leaves. These were the least successful. Even though I'd left them to soften overnight they were still quite stiff and actually cracked the gelatin plate.

There's nothing wrong with cracks in the gelatin, it actually adds interest and character, but I didn't want them quite so early in the process. Lesson: no more geranium leaves for gelatin printing for me.

In the remaining pieces I used commercially available stamps for textural interest. I found you had to press down quite hard on the gelatin to get these to show up well. It was easier in my last session, but the gelatin was 2 days older and therefor probably firmer and drier.

All pieces have been heat set with an iron, but are destined for wall hangings which I don't anticipate washing so I'm not too concerned about that aspect of the printing. It was just too much fun!


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