Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Road to California!

It's almost time to go to Road to California or as we affectionately call it around here: Road. This is a great show that's not too far from home (maybe 2 hours). I look forward to ogling the quilts, spending money at the vendors, helping out in a booth (Embellishment Village, stop by and say hi!) and attending one of the events (Party Time). I will review the show and my purchases next week.

If you happen to be at the show, my daughter (who doe NOT quilt) has been asked to help out in the souvenir booth cutting the souvenir fabric. Stop by and say hi to her (here's a picture of her so you'll recognize her). I want her to see how friendly and nice quilters are so she will want to learn how to quilt :-) Her name is Elisia and it's pronounced el-EE-see-ah. Say hi and it will make her day!


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