Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I finally finished my jacket from the "Rhap Group". The others are not pleased with me because I finished first, but I didn't have any real quilting to do (one of the benefits of wearables over quilts).

Thanks to Linda Barnhart who made some name suggestions. As soon as I read her list of words I immediately knew I wanted to name this jacket Arabesque.

As I mentioned before this jacket was inspired by Ricky Tims' book Rhapsody Quilts. Instead of working square I elongated the design for a jacket. It was fun and a real challenge to take someone elses work and make it my own.

The front (I think my mannequin had a bit too much to drink; she seems to be listing ;-)

The back (my favorite view)
The side
And a closeup

Just in time for the fashion show tomorrow night! I have one more jacket in the partially completed phase and then it's time to start drafting some new ideas. Maybe I'll make a quilt next, just for fun!