Thursday, April 09, 2009

Painted Lining

I have to admit that when I get close to finishing something I want to rush and get it done. Finishing work and all that fussiness is not my favorite part of the process, but I love having new things so I forge ahead!

The stitching on my Rhapsody jacket is all done and it's ready for assembly, BUT my latest craze is stencilling the polyester linings of my jackets. I couldn't find an appropriate stencil and I SHOULD have made another one from freezer paper as I did for the outside of the jacket, but I was too impatient. Instead I grabbed some gorgeous Diane Ericson eucalyptus stencils and had at it. Done!
I apologize for the appalling bad photos, but satin-y polyester is hard to photograph. Take my word for it that it looks better in person :-)
I even left a space at the neck on the back for the label. Wow, I even impressed myself this time!
P.S. Seriously now, someone must be able to come up with a better title than Rhap jacket...


Blogger lbarnhart said...

Well, in music other terms for "rhapsody" are fantasy, fantasia, improvisation, reverie. Maybe one of these will resonate.

Or maybe a play on the word "fabricate" (as a synonym for your creativity and imagination) Just a thought. -- Linda

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