Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mini Monday Quickie Quilt

I made another mini quilt on Monday. As usual I was working from a piece of fabric that I gelatin printed a la Rayna Gillman. This one had a rather urban/street/gritty feel. I wanted to put a gold with it, but none of them really worked. I ended up using a muted green with leaf skeletons on it. The symbolism appealed to me. Unfortunately you can't tell what they are so that is a lesson learned.

I'm not happy with this one at all. Not enough value difference and I don't like the over all feel of it. I tried to compensate by adding a streamer of beads, but finally gave up. If you have any suggestions on where else I went wrong, other than the value, please let me know.

The point of these exercises is to try new techniques and use the gelatin printed pieces that were languishing in a pile. I enjoyed figuring out a new design to weave the fabrics, practiced couching over raw edges and did a little foiling. I don't feel like I MUST make every piece a success. The important thing is to be free, experimental and QUICK, not to bang my head against the wall!
Pierre is home! Yay! It is such a relief to know there is someone around that I can turn to, no matter what.


Blogger Sandy said...

I actually really like this. It probably isn't your normal way of thinking, so you are trying to make it pretty.

To me, it looks like it is starting to be something about urban contrasted with farmland (well in England the fields have that patchwork feel that your grid gives.)
Perhaps if you look into grunge type design and art a bit, you can give it what it needs. It might need a bit of grafitti to give it a bit of zing. Something like putting paint into a syringe and writing on it.

Another idea, the stream of the grid gives a road sort of feel. Maybe you can work with that more, too. or maybe if you turn it so that the "road" goes off into the distance, you can develop life things that happen and place them overlapping the sides or across and up the road.I am thinking "not to scale" maybe even add some sort of abstracted figures in pale greys, like Linda Colsh's work.

Just some ideas. sometimes it takes more time to consider an experimental piece. Then you can stop thinking about what you thought it might be and discover what it really is.

Don't toss it! Or if you do, toss it my way! LOL
Sandy in the UK

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ouch, and im just chopped liver then?

3:35 PM  

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