Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jacket Class Students

If any of you took my 3-Dimensional Jacket class (Palomar, spring 2008), the Curvy Bias Jacket class, the Spring Flower sampler class (Palomar, spring 2007), Oriental Pizzazz Jacket class, Echoes of the East/Trickles jacket class or any other jacket class I taught, I'm looking for photos of your jackets.

I get to see the jackets in process, but not the finished product and would love to be able to share photos of what you've accomplished. Even if you just made a tote bag or a quilt using the techniques or added you own special spin on the project I would really appreciate a photo.

I had some photos from sharing in class, but I lost all of the Palomar pictures in a hard drive crash so even if you think I already have it, please send another.



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