Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Jacket

I've almost finished my newest jacket; the only thing left to do is to make it a label, but I still haven't decided on a name. Lately I have been deciding on a name either first or as I'm working on it, but nothing came to mind this time. I think I tend to be too literal when thinking up names and wanted something more like the mood or experience it evokes... I'm still hoping for suggestions!From the front, showing the lining of cobalt blue polyester satin
From the back showing that I need to readjust my mannequin! I've lost weight and she doesn't show it, LOL.

The side view. Sleeves are always interesting to make because they don't always follow the pattern of the front and back. In this case I chose to make one vertical row only of the reverse appliqued Angelina.

A closeup showing the quilting and the beading. I think I like the beading as is, but I'm toying with the idea of completely filling in those areas with beads. I'm not sure I want to take away from the quilted Angelina though...

The lining (because they're bound my jackets are completely reversible even though I rarely reverse them) showing my first attempt at painting polyester satin. I used Jacquard Lumiere paints (on sale at Michael's!) and a peacock feather stencil I bought at the Stewart Gill booth.

And a close up of the stencilled feather.
It was a fun and quick jacket to make and I hope to wear it to Chicago in April. Say hi if you see me at the show!