Monday, April 27, 2009

I was hoping to post a picture of my latest piece, but it's not quite done. Perhaps tomorrow.

My latest project is a rather mind-dulling wall quilt for the second bathroom. The bathroom holds my daughter's collection of rubber duckies so I' making a rubber duckie quilt. I've drafted the little darlings and fused them to a pieced background (it's okay to fuse; it's only a bathroom wallquilt!), but I'm stuck at how to secure them. Should I satin stitch, buttonhole stitch or freemotion over the raw edges? Darned if I can figure it out.

I've also been organizing, cleaning up and making lists. I'm a big fan of list making and especially love crossing things off. I currently have 5 jackets in progress as well as the aforementioned wall quilt so a list is very useful.

And I've started back at the gym after a month off. It was torture, but I feel better mentally after going. I'm watching what I eat, too, which isn't any fun, but necessary every now and then if I want my 84 jackets to continue to fit. (All right only 79 of them actually fit me, but who's quibbling.) I actually need to clear a few out. If anyone has an experience selling things on Ebay would you please email me privately?

Time to knock a few more things off my list, including blogging,


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