Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shibori Class

While in Chicago I took a half day class on shibori with Glennis Dolce. It was fun and amazingly easy! Here is a gorgeous piece of shibori style ribbon I received in my kit. In case you can't tell from the photo the valleys are green while the hills are purple. The pleats are heat set into it so I stretched it out so you could appreciate it more. Glennis has a website so check it out http://shiborigirl.wordpress.com And she's not too far away for me, in Long Beach! We used a variety of silks from silk organza, to silk broadcloth and the dyes we used are called Colorhue. They're nontoxic and don't need setting. What could be easier?! I bought some for home experimentation from Ginny Eckley's booth.

This piece involved stitching horizontal rows with strong thread starting with a knot on each row. Once all rows were stitched we gathered them up and tied them off. I dipped mine in purple dye, but it looks blue violet.

In this piece we stitched an enclosed area (I was trying for a leaf shape) then gathered the fabric up and wrapped the rest of the piece with the remaining thread. I purposely didn't wrap tightly because I didn't want much white. This piece was dipped in green on one end and red on the other, then I used an eyedropper to put yellow between the two.

This piece is silk organza that I folded into quarters then pole wrapped around a drum stick :-) It reminds me of a peacock feather.

This piece was folded in half then stitched along the fold, wrapping the thread over the fold each time. I dipped it in the "blue" which looked teal by the time I used it and the pumpkin on the other side with an eye dropper of yellow in between.

This was a piece of bias cut silk that I accordion folded into quarters then twisted tightly. Again using an eyedropper I added various colors.

This piece surprised me by looking like a flower. First I dyed the entire piece yellow. Then I folded the silk in half the long way then into triangles like you fold an American flag. I clamped a plastic disk on each side then dipped the corners into a variety of colors (pink, red and green).

This is my favorite piece. I folded it the same as the above piece except I started with multiple accordion folds the long way. It came out much smaller so I clamped a dime to each side. I used some worn out black dye along with pink and yellow.
I can't wait to try some more pieces then incorporate them into a jacket. This was easy and fun and I recommend you all take the class if you get a chance!


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