Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rhap Group Update

Yesterday was the bimonthly meeting of the Rhap Group (so named because our first project is from Ricky Tims' Rhapsody book) so I thought I'd give you an update on our progress. Unlike the Frayed Edges (a group in Maine that I have long envied) we don't do fancy meals (or anything to eat for that matter), just get together for a couple of hours and work through some of the books we've purchased, but not used yet.

I didn't get there until near the end because I had a dentist appointment (new crown, argh!) and this is what I found. They were busily planning their next project which is to start at the next meeting. What's going on? I'm the only one to finish the last project (although Jan's is currently on the long arm). I realize not everyone is a completionist (although I specifically selected these people because they get a lot done), but why would they begin planning something new when they're not done yet? The group is at least in part meant to encourage us to follow through and finish!

Oh well, I won't change anyone so I went with the flow. The next project is a no-brainer from a woven quilt book (the name escapes me at the moment) and they are all excited about starting. It doesn't appeal to me (I bought the book, read it through and decided to pass until someone selected it for the Rhap Group), but I'll do something smallish to participate. Obviously I won't be doing any of the projects in the book (I hate to read directions!), but will use it as a jumping off point for something all my own. Stay tuned.

This is Patty's Rhap quilt so far. She has it all sewn together (all those curved seams!) except the corners. I kinda like it as is, sans the odd 2 pieces, but it's not mine to play with. It's going to be gorgeous!

And this is Jerre's. Now she actually has a lot more than that, but she's at the stage where she double buttonhole stitches all the applique pieces in place prior to assembly. In her defense, I believe hers will be the largest finished piece, whereas mine, a jacket, the smallest.

On a more somber note, the swine flu approaches. There are several cases in San Diego, some within 10 miles of my home. As a person that has never had a strong immune system (I had every childhood disease known to man except polio, small pox (thanks to vaccines) and whooping cough) this one really worries me, especially when you hear about the respiratory problems. I've had asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia often enough to dread the possibilities. I have a hard time even being around someone else with those problems as I can feel it in my own chest. Thank goodness I have no travel plans until late July so I don't have to worry about helping spread it or cancellations. Keep you fingers crossed.


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