Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Twelve Months of Snowmen

We had our final block reveal and I talked the ladies into letting me bring their blocks to my house for a few days so I could photograph them on my design wall. I was so excited to see them all together that I neglected to take individual photos of the December blocks so you will just have to enjoy them in their entirety. We each made our own December block so attributions are not needed.

 Here are Dorothy's blocks. She has chosen a barn red sashing and a grey snowman print for the border.
 Here are Marlys' blocks. She has chosen the tan snowflake sashing seen between some of the blocks. She has a wonderful darker blue background snowman print for the border, but has decided on an inner border of a print-that-reads-as-a-solid dark blue.
 Here are Thelma's blocks. She has not yet chosen sashing or borders although knowing that blue is her favorite color...
Here are Veronica's blocks. She has added 4 machine embroidered blocks and a diagonal sash with the name of the month that is also machine embroidered. (We are all quite jealous.) You can see some of the dark blue sashing which will also make a slightly larger inner border before the silvery blue outer border.
These are my blocks. I am not using sashing, but have decided on an inner border of red followed by my navy background snowman print border.

Pat did not bring all her blocks, just December's block and I neglected to photograph it. Maybe someone else in the group could send me a picture?

I think I speak for all of us when I say that this has been one of the most enjoyable projects any of us has done. The anticipation each month of seeing what someone else made for us, the fun of seeing the wide variety of themes for each month's blocks, getting to know each other better and stretching our own design capabilities all have made this a terrific experience.

Next year we will be working on another project together with a birdhouse theme. Our group name will morph from Frosted Flakes to Bird Brains! Now if we can only iron out the new rules...